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Do you want to maintain your health and energy level as you age? If so, it is essential that you replenish your declining hormones. In "Hormones, Health, and Happiness", Dr. Steven Hotze reveals how restoring hormones to optimal levels using natural, bioidentical hormones enables men and women to regain their vitality.

Dr. Hotze discusses the frequently overlooked problem of hypothyroidism, which commonly affects both men and women in midlife. Too often, patients with all the symptoms of low thyroid are told by their physicians that their blood results are normal. Find out why you should believe what your body is telling you rather than the results of a blood test.

"Hormones, Health, and Happiness" discusses common symptoms of women and men in midlife and addresses there solutions. These symptoms include but are not limited to fatigue, weight gain, headaches, depression, insomnia, hot flashes, joint and muscle pain, brain fog, loss of interest in sex, allergies, and recurrent infections. Dr. Hotze demonstrates how many health problems can be solved safely, effectively, and naturally without drugs.

"Hormones, Health, and Happiness", a cult classic, has inspired over 50,000 men and women since its publication in 2005. Become one of the thousands who have chosen "Hormones, Health, and Happiness" as their guide on a path health and wellness!


This is a fabulous book. It contains information that truly is vital to health and happiness. I highly recommend reading it. It can change your life.

I loved this book, it gave me so much hope, I only wish more Dr's thought like this! I've been hypothyroid for years, after the birth of my daughter, it all went down hill, now I struggle to find appropriate health care. Thank you for this great book - I will share it with everyone I know!

This is what I've been waiting for! Yeast free and allergy free- can't wait! Thank you- how did you know?

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