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Why We Recommend This:

You’ve taken vitamins and minerals just about your entire life. You know you feel great when you take them consistently, and you feel even better when the brand is of the highest quality. What you don’t know is how much longer you can spend opening bottle, after bottle, after bottle, after bottle just to get in your daily essentials.

You're always on-the-go and lugging these bottles around with you is getting real old, real fast.

I get it. You’re busy. You want to lead the healthiest life possible but sometimes, it just gets far too complicated. You’re not sure if you’re taking the right supplements and even if you are, it’s a hassle to separate them out each and every day just to take them.

I formulated the PowerPak to make taking vitamins easier than ever. Take one packet with breakfast, and one packet with lunch and you’re set! That’s it. No bottles, no confusion, no mess…because taking vitamins should be that easy.

Why You’ll Love It:

  • All your daily essentials in one convenient pack
  • Great for traveling
  • Supports cardiovascular health
  • Improves immune system function
  • Increases energy levels
  • Aids in the body’s normal detoxification process
  • May help with memory and cognitive function
  • 60 packs per box
  • Contains no wheat, corn, egg, yeast, milk, soy, coconut, artificial coloring, preservatives or flavoring

How To Take It:1-2 packets daily with meals


Great product, but I can't believe you increased the price by 44.5%!

I can't say enough good about these viatmins. My energy has increased exponentially. I'm a customer for life.

I feel so much better when I take the Power Pak. Thank you for creating such a great pack. I really like that all the capsules are within 1 small package. It really makes it easy to carry with me instead of having the pill container or multiple pill bottles.

It is a blessing to have all of my essentials available in one pack.

I've been taking Dr. Hotze's Power Pak for the past 18 months. Hands down, these are the BEST daily vitamins I have ever had. I'm actually taking double the dosage now. I have more energy, focus, and higher-immunity than ever before.

The current Power Pak vitamins once again, do not have the slits to tear open the individual pouch. Been there - done this one before! Also, the "fishy" smell of the Fish Oil softgel is much stronger than the previous version. So much so, that the odor can cause gagging just to get it swallowed. I returned a brand new PowerPak box where some of the fish oil softgels had burst and smelly oily residue was all over the box contents & interior. Have also experienced some of capsules dented and torn, then contents the packet and contents are "gritty" upon opening. Not impressed - bring back the old version!!!

I have tried numerous brands both over the counter and from dr offices. I have found these to be the best. When I notice a difference in my health, my compliance in taking the vitamins continued....yes, you should notice an improvement!

The Power Pak has worked great as far as how I feel. I'm glad the "slit" was put back in to the packaging because without it, it was hard to get the package opened. Don't know if this is fixable or not, but sometimes the fish oil gel caps stick to other capsules and when I separate them sometimes the other capsule comes apart and the powder inside spills out. That's a little frustrating.

You get what you pay for . The Power Paks are expensive, but they have good ingredients. At least shipping is free.

These pre-packed supplements are great for travel and tucking in your purse or brief case to take along with you. So convenient. The best part though is I'm beginning to feel better and I do believe these are helping. Thanks Hotze & P.P.

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