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Why We Recommend This:

Whether you're dealing with a sick kid, a sick dog or a sick plant, there is a natural answer to all of your ailments. Unlike prescription antibiotic drugs, Colloidal Silver does not cause an overgrowth of intestinal yeast, nor does it create resistance or immunity in pathogens killed by it.

From cold and flu viruses, to topical infections and even pet health, Colloidal Silver is the natural solution for optimal immune support so that everyone in your household can enjoy the highest quality of life all year long.

Why You'll Love It:

  • Natural antibiotic
  • Used to fight infections naturally
  • Kills pathogenic bacteria
  • Provides optimal immune support
  • Chemical-free
  • Pharmaceutical grade
  • 250 PPM (parts per million)
  • 8 oz. per bottle

How To Take It:

  • Adults take 1 teaspoon in distilled water 2 times daily
  • Children ages 7-12 years take 1/2 teaspoon in distilled water 2 times daily
  • Children ages 0-6 years take 1/4 teaspoon in distilled water 2 times daily


I used to be on antibiotics every year for various respiratory problems, but since I've started the anti-allergy program with Hotze and use colloidal silver at the first sign of an infection, I've been able to go without doctor visits or antibiotics this year! This stuff really works when you take it as directed. Thank you Dr. Hotze!

After using different methods to help with my seasonal allergies I decided to try this. Take daily and twice a day when symptoms start to flare. I have been pleased with the results but still have some allergy symptoms. However, I?ve yet to experience some of the full blown problems with allergies like in the past while using this, along with NAC, Zinc and C. Haven't taken any antibiotics or OTC antihistamines. Giving it a 4 because of the cost.

Since becoming a client of Hotze, over 9 years now, I have used this when I feel a cold or infection started by my allergies and sinus. This has helped me stop having the persistent infections I used to have. I make sure I always have some on hand.

I have used this product a number of times since becoming a guest of the Hotze clinic in 2003. Before then, I was given drug company antibiotics to clear sinus infections & bronchitis. Colloidal Silver is a remarkable product. Since 2003, I have used it for bronchitis, colds, & sinus infections and it has safely cleared each infection in less time than a doctor prescribed antibiotic.

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